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Tea Brewing Basics


How To Brew The Perfect Cuppa'...


Q: How much loose leaf tea should I use?

A: About 1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water. But play with it. Find what you like.

Q: What should I put the loose leaf tea in to make tea?

A; Good news! You have a lot of options. 
You can get paper filters that you fill yourself, or metal tea balls and scissor-spoon things, or silicone or metal strainers that you set on the top of your cup. There are also fancy spoons with filters at the tip, ducks and flowers and yellow submarines that float in your hot water and have strainer baskets under them for the tea. Additionally, there are metal strainers that mount in your tea pot and submerge into your tea.

Q: How hot should the water be?

A: Just shy of boiling. Don't use boiling water on your tea. It damages the flavour, and can diminish the therapeutic benefits.

Q: How long should I steep my tea?

A: Black tea - about 4 minutes
Green tea - about 3.5 minutes
White tea - about 3 minutes
Herbal teas - about 3 minutes
Herbal teas with lots of roots (ginger, elecampane, licorice, dandelion, etc) - about 4 minutes

If you are making a second up of tea with the same serving of tea (called a second steeping), add about 30 seconds to each steeping time.

Q: What will happen if I over or under steep my tea?

A: Over steeping can/will make your tea taste bitter
Under steeping will leave the tea lacking flavour and tasting like mildly leafy water

Q: Can I get more than one steeping out of each serving of tea?

A: Yes! Absolutely! 
You should be able to get somewhere between 2 and 4 steepings from each serving of tea, assuming they have been steeped the correct amounts of time. 

Q: What should I put the loose leaf tea in to store it?

A: An air tight container. You want to keep the air and moisture out of that dry loose leaf tea. Also, don't store it in direct sunlight. 

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