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Environmental Consciousness


We're A Carbon Zero Business!


Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gases

Most of us are familiar with what is called our "carbon footprint," which is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by daily life, most often, or at least most noticeably from exhaust from the burning of fossil fuel. That means cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, heating for your house or business, and so on. 

These greenhouse gasses build up in our atmosphere exacerbating global climate change and lowering air quality and rain water purity.

Making a Difference

Feeling the weight of our own responsibility for this beautiful planet, and wanting to make a real difference, we joined forces with the Carbon Zero Fuel Project (CZFP), a program that partners with a United Nations sanctioned non-profit organization to create sustainable farm forests in South America which sequester carbon. 

CZFPhas a revolutionary program in place for offsetting the carbon emissions of your car, truck, motorcycle - they even have a special program for motocross racers! But since there was nothing was in place for businesses, our owner worked with Scott Keller, founder of the CZFP, and together they created a way for businesses to become carbon neutral, too.

The First CZFP Carbon Zero Business!        

So in 2013, Natural Equilibrium (then Barefoot Herbs and Teas) became the first CZFP Carbon Zero business! We did the math (literally) and made a donation toCZFP (in association with Reforest The Tropics) to plant enough trees to offset the carbon created by all our shipping for the entire year!

Each year since, Natural Equilibrium has worked with CZFP to offset the carbon emissions of not only our shipping, but all the driving our staff did to go meet with accounts, teach classes, do tea tastings, visit shops, etc. Every year we have been able to plant more trees to offset more carbon emissions and do our part to be responsible for our impact on the planet.